S3 E1: Testing Twitter Ads, Fixing Retention Problems, and Advantage + For The Win

March 16, 2023

Hosted By

Cody Plofker

CMO Jones Road Beauty l Advisor at Northbeam

Eli Weiss

Sr Director CX & Retention @jonesroadbeauty l Building brands that put the customer 1st + sharing learnings.


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Episode description

In the first episode of Season Three, Cody and Eli chat about Testing Twitter Ads, Fixing Retention Problems, Advantage +, and a whole lot more.

Listen to find out

  • Why your retention struggles aren’t always a byproduct of the success of your product offerings and why launching new products isn’t always the answer
  • Understanding cohorts as the key to pulling the right levers to fix retention
  • Twitter ads: yay or nay? Cody Plofker shares his two cents
  • What’s on the horizon for Twitter and how does it differ from other social platforms?