S2 E7: Building Ridge to 9-figures, Brand vs. Performance, and Attribution hot takes with Sean Frank

January 13, 2023

Hosted By

Eli Weiss

Sr Director CX & Retention @jonesroadbeauty l Building brands that put the customer 1st + sharing learnings.

Cody Plofker

CMO Jones Road Beauty l Advisor at Northbeam


Sean Frank

CEO of Ridge

Episode description

In episode seven of season two, Eli chats with the legendary Sean Frank, CEO of The Ridge, a 9-figure wallet, ring, and watch brand. We chat about creating a new niche in a massive industry, CX as marketing, brand vs. performance, attribution, and so much more.

Listen to find out

  • Facebook ad testing for acquisition do's and dont's
  • Marketing growth hacks for your brand that still see awesome results
  • Why attribution is a nice to have vs a need to have in some situation